Zealand Sunrise Guide: 10 sunrises you can't miss

Updated: Feb 7

If you're planning to visit Zealand, Denmark in the future we have put together a list of 10 places to watch the most incredible sunrises during your stay!


1. Dragør Sea Bath

Dragør Sea Bath Jetty

Dragør Sea Swim is located 25 minutes southeast from Copenhagen City Centre. We discovered this location in the winter and we watched some of the most incredible winter sunrises here! We thought it was quite stunning to see all the ice in the water and up along the jetty - it was cold yet a very beautiful winter wonderland.

You will also have an excellent view of Øresundsbroen which is the bridge leading from Denmark to Sweden.

It's not overly crowded however you will find some locals there during winter and it might be a lot busier in summer.

There's a parking lot located at the end of Batterivej, just a few minutes in walking distance from the Sea Bath next to a little farm of geese which are super laud in the morning hours. There's no fee to park here but if you want to go use the facilities of the Sea Bath there's a small entrance fee. If you only tend to be in the area and maybe take a stroll on the jetty, don't worry about the fee! You're all good to wander around the area for free!

Dragør Sea Bath - Øresundsbroen

2. Bellevue Beach

Bellevue is located in the northern outskirts of Copenhagen City - 27 minutes away from downtown by car. It's a beautiful place to watch the sunrise either during winter or summer. Regardless of the season you'll always be able to find people on this location as it's a very popular spot. During winter you'll primarily find joggers, nudists and photographers. You might get lucky and experience the sea and its' surroundings freeze over very beautifully in the winter as well. During summer it is an even more popular hangout spot for locals, people coming from downtown Copenhagen and tourists. You'll find heaps of different beach activities as well as lots of space to chill out and sun bathe.

There's a parking lot located at Klampenborg Station which is a 3 minute walk from the beach. There's also a parking lot located furthest to the south right where the beach starts which is where we prefer to park however it might be difficult to find a spot to park here in the summer.

3. Heatherhill & Vejby Beach

Heatherhill Rågeleje

This area has probably become one of our new favourite locations here on Zealand. It's absolute beautiful during golden hour whether it's in the morning or evening.

Usually there's a few locals walking around the area but it's not overly crowded. These hills are located on Rågelejevej and there's a little parking lot on one side of the road. From the parking lot there are a path leading over the tree-covered hilltop which is a beautiful place to capture the sunset and on the other side there are two paths - one leading down to the beach and one leading up the hills.

We recommend walking along the coastline as it's such a beautiful beach and quite secluded as well.

Vejby Beach

4. Jægersborg Deer Park

Jægersborg Deer Park

This deer park is located in the outskirts of Copenhagen City only about 20-25 minute drive away. This is probably one of our favourite places to watch the sunrise here on Zealand.

It's absolutely magical to see the sun rise behind the tree lines casting golden light on the old hunting lodge while listening to birds chirping and seeing deers running across the roads from one grass field to another.

Every Wednesday from sunrise to sunset you can drive your car all the way from Trepileporten to the Hermitage Palace. Private cars are otherwise not allowed however there are carparks located at every red gate around this spectacular area. We most definitely prefer the gate Trepileporten which leads directly to the Hermitage Palace.

5. Stevns Cliff - UNESCO World Heritage

Stevns Cliff Church

Stevns Cliff is located 1hr and 10 minutes south of Copenhagen City. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site because it's the best place in the world to find traces of the asteroid that hit 66 million years ago and wiped out half the life on our planet - including the dinosaurs.

Besides from that it has a very unique nature. The cliffs are made out of clay and the beach is primarily rocks and stones. Stevns Cliff covers a large area and there are many different sites to visit - one of which is the old church, also one of the most popular sites, located in Højerup and from the church you'll get the most spectacular view of Stevns Cliff. The sunrise here is quite spectacular and absolutely breathtaking. There's a parking lot located by the church which you have to pay an entrance fee for. The fee goes towards maintenance on the site.

When facing the church from the parking lot, then on the right side there's a stairway down to to rock-covered beach which is worth a trip down. Depending on the tide you can walk along the beach.

Stevns Cliff Church

6. Lynæs Harbour

Lynæs Harbour - Yellow Boathouse

This harbour is located in the northern part of Zealand about 1hr drive away from Copenhagen City. It's a beautiful place to watch the sun rise behind a little yellow boathouse surrounded by boats in the harbour and a very local and authentic experience. Makes for great photography too.

There's a parking lot located at the harbour and you'll easily be able to find a spot to park both during winter and summer.

There are two different boathouses located at this harbour which are cool spots to check out.

Lynæs Harbour - By the Red Boathouse

7. Grundtvig's Church

Grundtvig's Church

Grundtvig's Church is located in the Bispebjerg district of Copenhagen and is a the most known church in the city due to its' very unusual appearance and it's a rare example of expressionist church architecture. This church is build in memory of the priest and poet Grundtvig which is where the name origins.

This is usually a really busy place during all hours of the day and throughout all seasons of the year and the cemetery surrounding the church always has visitors. However it it a very beautiful place to watch the sunrise! The golden light will appear behind the mighty church and little by little cast light upon the area. It can be a tricky place to shoot photos as it's always busy but it's not impossible!

During the month of April the Japanese cherry trees located at the Bispebjerg Cemetery blossom which is a beautiful sight for the eyes and it's very popular to visit during this period. The cherry trees, when in bloom, form a long and pink tunnel leading through the avenues of the cemetery. This is probably one of the most beautiful cemeteries in all of Denmark and you can't miss a visit to the church and cherry blossoms!

8. Magstræde, Copenhagen

Magstræde, Copenhagen City

Magstræde are one of the oldest streets in The Old Town of Copenhagen and has a very unique street environment. This is a charming, cobblestoned street known for it's colourful houses and it's a great place to watch the sun rise over the top of the buildings.

The easiest way to access is by walking from Nørreport Station or Kongens Nytorv Station. It is a 12 minute walk from Nørreport Station and a 10 minute walk from Kongens Nytorv Station. There are many different parking areas scattered around the city and it's not easy to tell if there are spots available close to Magstræde - however the most likely parking lot to be able to find a place to park and closest to Magstræde would be Nørre Farigmagsgade which is also close to Nørreport Station and a 15 minute walk from Magstræde.

Magstræde, Copenhagen City

9. Gribskov Forest & Lake Esrum

Gribskov Forest - Dronningens Bøge

Gribskov is one of the largest forests in Denmark and is located 40 minutes north of Copenhagen City. The light rays from the sunrise will shine through the treetops beautifully and slowly the morning mist will fade while you can hear the birds chirping. It's a very idyllic place to have a little peace and quiet.

Lake Esrum is the second largest lake in Denmark and there are 4 public jetty's located on the western side of the lake and 4 in the southern area. Our personal favourite is the jetty located on the western side also known as Dronningens Bøge.

There are a parking area with a path leading down to the jetty and very easy to find.

Lake Esrum - Dronningens Bøge

10. Amager Beach Park & "The Snail"

Kastrup Sea Bath - "The Snail"

Amager Beach Park is located on the east coast of Amager which is part of Copenhagen City, a little further from city centre and quite close to the airport, and it's a beautiful place to watch the sun rise above the horizon. There are probably a few nudists in the early morning hours going out for their usual dip so be mindful of the locals.

On the Northside of Amager Beach Park there's a sea bath also referred to as Helgoland and on the Southside there's another sea bath known as "The Snail" due to it's shape and on the top you'll find a jumping platform.

Amager Beach Park and the Sea Bath are very popular spots to hang out for Copenhagen citizens especially during summer. In the winter you'll mostly find a few local nudists. There a tons of activities for everyone and it's usually very crowded in high season however a very large area with space for lots of people.

There are many different parking areas located alongside Amager Strandvej where you'll also find three different bridges to go across to get to the actual beach. There are also two different parking areas located in the southern area across Lagunebroen which we prefer as well as the carpark furthest to the south just a few minutes walking distance away from "The Snail". Femøren Metro Station is also located in this area and in walking distance from "The Snail".


Bonus tip: There are honestly heaps of incredible places in Copenhagen City to watch the sunrise generally speaking. The golden light casts the most beautiful sun rays on the buildings and streets of Copenhagen - equally beautiful rays of sun rays is cast closer to the sea surrounding the city. Either way make sure to watch the sunrise in Copenhagen City.

Bonus tip: When getting about in downtown Copenhagen it's definitely easiest to go with public transport or bike but for locations further away from the city centre we'd recommend renting a car. Some places have excellent means of transport even though it's outside the city but not all sights - those are the ones you're gonna need a car for. Generally speaking public transport in Denmark is very efficient and easy. Biking around Copenhagen City is what most locals do as that's the easiest way to get around. Outside the city cars are a must as public transport is not as good and efficient in these areas.

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