Plant Power: 4 tips to adopt a plant based lifestyle

Updated: Feb 7

Have you ever thought about adopting a plant based lifestyle but don't know where to start, don't know what you can eat and what you can eat and wonder if you will get the right nutrients from plants? That's okay. We have been there and it's actually not as difficult as you may think.

The three main reasons as to why adopting plant based lifestyle is beneficial are: for your health, for the animals and for the planet. But for whichever reason you are considering going vegan (or just wanna know more) here are a few tips that might help you off to a good start.

1. Know your WHY

First thing you wanna do is clear up WHY you have considered going vegan and if you do know why then you have to clear up what is holding you back from making the switch.

Do you already know about how a plant based lifestyle can have major health benefits such as reducing your risk of getting heart disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and much more? Do you already know that you don't have to consume animal products to survive and thrive? Do you already know that we could help reverse climate change drastically by switching to a plant based diet?

These reasons could most definitely be one or all of your reasons why you would want to change your lifestyle and if you already have the knowledge then take a minute to think about what is holding you back.

Do you know that almost every meal can be veganized? Do you know that you can get all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy from plants and in fact you DON'T get all the nutrients your body needs from animal products? Do you know that it's not difficult at all to be vegan?

These are many reasons that could potentially hold you back from going vegan but it's not as difficult as it may seem to be vegan. In fact it's not harder than any other diet. It might be a challenge to switch up your lifestyle completely but it's only until you figure things out. Take it from us. We went vegan in the ages of 24 and never even considered being vegetarin before. We had all the prejudices before switching our lifestyle but after more than a year eating a plant based diet we can honestly say that it's not hard, we do get enough nutrients and we thrive much more than we ever did in regards to eating healthy and feeling the benefits of having a healthy gut.

If we didn't know our why we would never be plant based now.

2. Educate yourself

In order to know your why it's a really good idea to start educating yourself and it's important to keep educating yourself. If you understand the health benefits, the ethics and the positive impact on the planet, you're on the right path!

It's especially important to educate yourself regarding health. As every other diet it can be unhealthy if you don't eat right. French fries are vegan and if you eat french fries every day it's proably not super healthy right? So we recommend watching documentaries, reading articles, listen to podcasts - there are so many great resources out there and they're free to access! Here are some of the resources we learned from:

Game Changers (health)

What The Health (health + society + animal ethics)

Forks Over Knives (health)

Dominion (animal ethics)

Cowspiracy (environmental)

Chasing Corals (environmental)

Chasing Ice (environmental)

Sustainable (environmental)

Mission Blue (environmental)

David Attenborough - A Life on Our Planet (environmental)

The Plant Proof Podcast by Simon Hill (environmental + health benefits + animal ethics)

3. Ease into it

You don't have to go full on vegan over night, it's absolutely okay to ease into it. Actually it's a really good idea to ease into it as your gut bacteria will change when switching to a plant based diet which means that if you switch from one day to the other you may experience that your intestinal system reacts to it. We switched overnight and over the first couple weeks we definitely felt a change in our intestinal system!

Another reason to ease into it is that it's a very big change! You are switching up your lifestyle and of course things won't be the same as always. Going vegetarian could be a very good way to ease into it and then slowly cutting our more and more animal products. You have to be ready to make the switch! Maria's best friend started as flexitarian, then vegetarian and now vegan. It's your journey and your decision! You have to do what feels right for you.

4. Collect vegan recipes

Collecting and stacking up on vegan recipes make things so much easier! At first we had no clue on how to eat vegan and what to cook, but then we bought a bundle of 90 vegan e-books and it has surely made cooking lots easier and also so much more fun! There's also tons of vegan bloggers who share their recipes online which are free to access. We also have some easy vegan recipes on our blog, so feel free to check them out! More coming soon!

Until then here's some inspiration:







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