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Debunking 10 myths about veganism

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

We have been thriving on a plant based lifestyle for more than a year and have found so many misconceptions of being plant based/vegan. Sometimes it’s harmful, but it can also be hurtful. Typically these misconceptions come from a place of misunderstanding and a lack of knowledge so we thought it was time to debunk some common vegan myths once and for all!


Vegans lack proteins

There are soooo many good sources of protein for vegans and it’s actually easy to get enough protein! The animals humans consume get their proteins from plants so essentially vegans are just skipping the middle man and getting their proteins straight from the source!

Plant-based food doesn’t fill you up

Some people argue that plants doesn’t fill them up enough but we have zero issues with that! Generally speaking it can take a few weeks for your body to adjust and get used to a different diet as your gut bacteria changes.

So if you eat one vegan meal and feel like you don’t get filled up it’s probably because you are generally able to eat a greater amount of food when it’s all plant-based and because your body isn’t used to it.

Vegans are weak

This is just not true! Some of the best athletes in the world are vegans and actually increased their performances after going fully plant-based. The worlds strongest man is vegan which is proof enough that you don’t need meat to grow muscles!

Veganism is difficult and boring

Being vegan is far from difficult and boring! There are so many great vegan options and alternatives to dairy and meat products. There are also so many ingredients there are already vegan but people sometimes tend to forget or be unaware.

We have been able to veganise some of our absolute favourite meals and it’s been delicious! Sometimes these meals taste exactly the same! Our families are not easy to impress but they've complimented our food and actually couldn't taste the difference in some recipes.

We have also found that we eat with much more abundance than ever before! It was never fun cooking but since going vegan it’s been a pleasure!

Vegans are preachy

This is actually far more likely the other way around! We live in a society revolving around non vegan food an everywhere on social media and television you see commercials for meat and dairy! All these commercials claim that eating these products make you healthier, stronger and many celebrities play a role in these commercials!

Non-conventional food habits are immediately picked up on in social contexts and often lead to defensive behaviours from non-vegans so the “How do you know if someone’s a vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you” joke is not completely true! We avoid discussing our food choices unless people ask us!

Vegans don’t get enough calcium

Wrong! Those milk adverts really got in your head! Fortified plant milk has just as much calcium as dairy milk and there are also other resources like leafy green vegetables and tofu which are rich calcium sources too.

Drinking cow’s milk is just not beneficial or natural for you! It’s the equivalent of drinking mother’s milk as an adult but with a dangerously high amount of hormones, saturated fats and cholesterol. Cow’s milk is intended for calves and their nutritional needs and does not suit the nutritional needs of humans. We have absolutely no reason to drink cow’s milk more than the milk from a mouse! It’s actually cruel to take away milk from the calves.

Most of the world’s population is actually lactose intolerant which makes totally sense as it’s just not suitable or natural for human consumption.

Being vegan is expensive

This assumption is understandable and a lot of meat and dairy substitutes are pricey as well as vegan restaurants but in reality a plant based diet can be very cost-effective.

Going out to eat regardless of whether it's a vegan or non-vegan restaurant, it will be more expensive than cooking yourself. Purchasing meat and dairy products are actually quite expensive too.

There are many ways to live on a budget-friendly, vegan diet! Fruit, veggies, rice, beans, oats, tofu and legumes are all inexpensive! We actually saved tons of money whilst traveling because we switched to a plant-based diet.

Vegans need to take a lot of vitamin supplements

This is not required more than being on a non-vegan diet. In fact both vegans and non-vegans can have nutrient deficiencies and it’s important to eat with abundance and make sure you get enough vitamins regardless of your diet.

Vegans do need to take supplements of B12 because it is no longer found in our soil and therefore not absorbed by plants however the reason as to why non-vegans don’t necessarily have to take B12 is because animals are fed B12 and therefore humans get it through consuming meat and dairy products although it’s actually recommended that everyone take B12 supplements as non-vegans can lack these vitamins too.

Vegans are automatically healthy

Just because vegans only eat plants it doesn’t mean they’re healthy! This is such a common misbelief about a plant-based diet. It takes a great deal of effort to be healthy no matter what diet you’re on!

A plant based diet do have many health benefits and have been proven to lower the risk of getting lifestyle diseases but it is possible to be an unhealthy vegan. If you eat plant-based cinnamon rolls, French fries and processed foods everyday are you healthy? No of course not but some vegans do that anyway, so eating plant based is not automatically healthy.

Veganism and being plant-based is the same

This is actually not true while many think it’s the same. People who identify themselves as plan-based are typically referring to their diet whereas the definition of vegans also includes avoidance of animal exploitation in any form like clothing, cosmetics and so on. Veganism is not only dietary preferences.

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