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Northern Jutland Travel Guide: 5 unique places to visit

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

You might have seen on our instagram that we recently spend a week exploring the most northern part of Denmark.

Honestly we had no idea how beautiful our home country was before we went traveling - you guys know the drill right? For some reason we all tend to think that the country we're from is a bit boring compared to when you travel to foreign places.

Overall it's been really difficult for us to adjust to being at home again, but having new eyes around here has helped us so much during the process and our one week stay in Jutland opened up our eye even more! Travel and photography has changed us so much and we feel like we see and experience everything in a whole new way through our very own unique lenses. So we wanna share with you our absolute favourite places to visit during your stay in North Jutland - and yes we did say 'during your stay' because these places will definitely convince you to visit if you haven't already.

1. Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

Our ABSOLUTE favourite place

Never have we felt more alive while being in Denmark than the evening we spent at Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse watching the sun set with its blaze of colours on the horizon.

An unforgettable sunset

The sunset was incredible, in our opinion this is the best spot to watch the sunset in Denmark. The universe truly did its magic here.

How to get there

It's super easy to find this gorgeous place! Just pop in the location on maps and take your car for a spin or jump on your bike if you're into that sort of thing and have accommodation nearby. When you get to the location there'll be a car park and from there you have to walk for around 10-15 minutes - maybe even less. We did see a couple of guys biking from the car park on the trail until they reached the sand dunes, so that's also an opportunity.

When to visit

Our best tip is to come a few hours prior to sunset as the light is absolutely amazing up till then. Also if you want to take some time to explore a bit there's quite a lot of sand to cover and it's harder than one think to climb up and down sand dunes. It's also possible to climb the stairs to the top of the tower and you can catch a very good view from up there.

It's quite a popular spot and many locals as well as tourists come here during sunset hours, but with that said it's not impossible to capture amazing photos or video content while you're here.

Overall experience & history

This place was just such an amazing experience! Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse is located on the northwest coast of Denmark with the tower being the only remaining part of the lighthouse still standing tall on the edge of the impressive Rubjerg Knude sand dunes. The sand dunes forms a clay cliff between the lighthouse and the North Sea which is pretty spectacular on the eyes.

Due to strong coastal winds, that unleashes an enormous amount of sand, the clay cliffs are rapidly eroding and the lighthouse actually had to be moved in order to keep it from ending up in the ocean. Geological surveys predict that the lighthouse will be taken by the sea within the next 2-15 years. So if you wanna visit one of the most remarkable landscapes and most unique places in Denmark, now's the time to go.

2. Lønstrup Beach

How to get there

To get to Lonstrup Beach you're passing through a small village called Lonstrup. This place has such a charming environment and a perfectly chilled summer vibe. It is super cozy and a very relaxed place with lots of overnight places to stay, cafes, restaurants and ice cream shops as well as art, crafts and culture. This is the ultimate place to go for a traditional summer holiday in Denmark and as a traveller you get a great insight of what it means to be 'summer holidaying' in Denmark with family or friends.

The beach is within walking distance of Lonstrup village and there's plenty of parking spots just where the town ends and the beach begins.

When to visit

If you're in for a beach day we'd definitely recommend going in the morning or around midday so you can enjoy the whole day by the beach and go for a walk along the shoreline. You'll see some pretty stunning views as you walk down the beach and if you continue for long enough you'll reach the Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse.

But... If you're sunset lovers like we are we'd recommend visiting in the afternoon and spending the evening here having a picnic while watching the sun set on the horizon. Or maybe even eat out at one of the local cafes or restaurants.

Overall experience

This is one of those "live for the moments you can't put into words' kind of experiences. Being here made us feel so free, we felt warm in our hearts and it left us unbelievably amazed by how beautiful nature is and how good it can make you feel.

Most stunning views

Taking a stroll down the beach, feeling the soft sand between your toes, the fresh ocean breeze in your face while listening to the sound of the waves crashing onto the shoreline is just as amazing as it sounds. Although to get the best view of the beach and its beautiful surrounding nature as well as a chance to spot Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse in the distance you need to reach higher ground.

There's a small track leading up the reed covered clay cliffs and if you follow that track as far as it goes, you'll get the most amazing views. This is also a perfect spot to sit down and relax while watching the sunset.

3. Rold Skov

This forest is such a beautiful place and it definitely left us is awe. Whenever we get to that part of Denmark we'd love to go back here and experience it all over again.

How to get there & when to visit

Depending on where and what you wanna do there are two different car parks. One is located just on the edge of the forest and if you park up here the path will lead you through the forest and you'll be able to spot deers, birds and other wildlife. Another car park is located on the opposite side by a train track. You can walk under the train track and then you'll enter the forest just by the beautiful lake called Store Oksso. There's a path going around the lake and that's such a beautiful walk.

So what we did was that we got up early in the morning for sunrise and drove to the first car park we mentioned above. We walked through the forest as the birds stared chirping, the deers came out from the trees, the air felt fresh in our lungs and we could feel the chilly morning breeze on our bodies. We walked for about half an hour and then we arrived at the lake called Store Oksso. It was very tranquil and peaceful by the lake as the sun began to rise. Although after a while you'll notice all the locals coming down for a morning swim and most are nude. Apparently that's a thing here and how amazing is that.

On the way back through the forest the sunlight shined golden through the treetops and lit up areas on the ground. This was a morning we'll hardly forget and we definitely didn't regret the alarm ringing at 5 o'clock.

Since this place had us so amazed we wanted to come back for sunset and that's when we parked at the second parking lot we mentioned above. From the car park it'll take you 2 minutes to reach the lake. Just walk under the train track, follow the path and you'll see it.

When we arrived there were lots of locals and tourists. This is a very popular spot to go for a swim in the afternoon and to watch the sun go down behind the treetops, casting the most beautiful golden light on the surface of the lake.

We recommend arriving a couple of hours prior to golden hour as there's a lovely walk around the lake, it's a a great place to chill out and join in on a late afternoon swim. Another great idea is to pack a picnic you can enjoy while you're there.

Our best tip is don't leave before the sun has fully set. It will become a little chilly so bring a blanket, but you'll see the most amazing colours appear on the sky. You'll see the colours switch from bright and vibrant yellows and oranges to soft and mellow purples and pinks. Of course you can get unlucky with the sunset, but if you have a little luck and go out here on a beautiful summer day, this is what you can expect to see. Truly a mesmerising experience.

We do wanna mention quickly that because there were so many people it was quite the challenge to capture a photo of the both of us without having a third person to click the button, but it was possible to get beautiful single shots. You just have to frame it right to avoid people in the background and wait for the right moment to step onto the jetty.

Overall experience

Overall this was such an amazing place to visit in the early morning but also to spend our afternoon and evening. This should definitely be on your list while you're visiting North Jutland.

4. Raabjerg Mile

Raabjerg Mile is a danish desert, it's not technically a desert, but pretty close. This is the biggest sand dunes in this country and it's a raw and vast looking landscape, but incredibly stunning. From the top of the dune you'll experience the best view, although it can be a little challenging reaching the top, but 100% worth the effort.

How to get there

This place is located at the top end of Denmark near the town called Skagen. It's super easy to find, just pop in the location on maps and it'll take you straight to the parking area near the sand dunes. As you park you'll see the dunes in the background and you'll have to walk for maybe 5 minutes or so to reach the dunes.

When to visit

We would definitely recommend visiting either in the early morning before the crowds get there or in the late afternoon until sunset. In the early morning you'll get the softest light just before you see the sun rise with its crazy beautiful colours in the sky. There's gonna be less footprints in the sand and if you get there early enough you'll have the place to yourself.

As for sunset we would again be there an hour or two before because the light will be amazing. The colours that will appear just as the sun goes down and in the hour after will be spectacularly, but you won't have it all to yourself. This is a very popular spot and many locals as well as tourists will be there as well. Although it won't be impossible to capture stunning photos of this place.

Overall experience & history

This is such an extraordinary landscape in Denmark and we would go back in a heartbeat. Feeling the warm and soft sand between your toes, the raw heat from the sun on your shoulders and seeing the vastness that is the sand dunes makes you feel like you're in another country. It is with no doubt one of our favourite places to visit in North Jutland and you can't miss out on this experience.

Raabjerg Mile is the largest sand dune in Denmark and due to harsh winds it migrates at a rate of more than 15 m a year. It moves towards the top end of Denmark and it has actually been a struggle on the west coast regarding migrating dunes. An example is the sand covered church in the same area. The only visible part of the church is the tower and the rest has been swallowed by sand. Raabjerg Mile is a pretty spectacular place and crazy how fast the dunes move every year. Get there before it moves too much!

Now that we mentioned the sand covered church in relation to the migration of sand dunes on the west coast of North Jutland, we just wanted to touch this one quickly.

It's such a cool place to see if you're in that area and you can capture some amazing photos of the church tower. The rest of the church is covered by sand as we said earlier on, but it's a great stop to make on your way to the top of Skagen. There's a parking lot nearby and it takes around 5-10 minutes to reach the church. It's not a place you spend hours exploring, just a quick stop along the way and maybe an ice cream break by the shop in the parking area.

5. The Top of Skagen

The top of Skagen is also referred to as 'Grenen'. This is the most northern part of Denmark and you'll be able to see where to seas meet. Here you'll find bunkers in the sand and also find the sweetest seals laying around on the beach.

How to get there

Keep driving north until you reach the end! You know you've reached your destination when you can't drive any further. On your way you'll drive through the town of Skagen which is a super nice and cozy place to visit as well. There's lots of overnight accommodation, different shopping options, cafes and restaurants and even a shop where you can make your own hard candy. So definitely stop by and go for a wander.

As you drive along from Skagen soon you'll reach a parking area and from there you'll have to walk the rest of the way. There's also tractor-pulled buses that drives out on the beach, but we recommend walking as it is such a beautiful place.

When to visit

This is a place you can visit throughout the whole day. Mornings and afternoon are stunning, but it's also nice to be there when the sun is at its highest.

We definitely prefer either early mornings or around sunset. Not just because the scenery is absolutely mind blowing beautiful at these hours, but also because there are less people around. This is probably one of the most visited places in northern Jutland and there are so many tourists, so to get the most serene and pleasant experience we would recommend going mornings or afternoons.

Our experience & history

This is quite a stunning place and it was amazing seeing seals in their natural habitats, but definitely keep your distance. There are signs saying you can't be too close to these cuties, but if you do wanna snap a close up shot some people will shout at you to show respect for the animals - we found that people can get quite offended and mad. We witnessed several arguments which wasn't the most pleasant experience and so that's also a reason to visit when there's less people. But overall we would love to revisit this place when it's less busy and capture some amazing sunset photos.

Grenen is one of the most visited attractions in Denmark and with good reason. Not only is this place exceptionally pretty, but it is also where two seas meet and you can actually stand with one foot in each sea which is pretty cool. This is a must see!

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