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5 benefits of being plant based

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

After being plant based for 1,5 years we’ve experienced incredible benefits of this lifestyle.

To be honest we were those types of people who always claimed that we could NEVER be vegan, not even vegetarian but since making the decision to learn about and commit to a plant based diet we know that we’re never going back.

We wanna get clear on this, we aren’t fanatics or shaming people who aren’t vegans but we are really passionate about this subject and we aspire to provide as much value and information about how it has completely changed our lives for the better and improved our overall health. Here are some of the benefits we’ve experienced.


Improvement of digestive system

Being plant based has improved our digestive system significantly. We never feel bloated after meals, haven’t had heartburn ever since we made the switch and plants are generally easier to digest which we felt from the day we went plant based! We haven’t had any issues regarding our digestion since going vegan and we honestly feel much better and healthier in our gut!

Natural energy booster

Because plants are easier to digest it gives your body extra energy to spend. Plants are also high in vitamins and minerals which are a really good natural energy booster, they’re high in healthy fats and protein which are really good for your brain and mood. Our energy levels have been much more constant since going plant based and our athletic performance has increased - even if we don’t work out in ages we get less tired and sore in our bodies than we used to.

Effortless weight loss

A plant based diet is generally lower on calories. You can eat the same amount of food, but still consume less calories than a typical omnivore diet which is why a vegan diet is great for natural weight loss. Maria lost 5kg in the first month of being vegan and has lost much more continuously without exercising regularly or not at all whilst eating the same amount of food.

Support of environment & sustainability

Every single day of being vegan you’ll save more than 4000L of water, 18kg of grain, 3m² of forested land, 9kg of CO² and 1 animal! So yes, just one person following a vegan lifestyle does make a HUGE difference on an every day basis.

Saving animals

It’s no secret that there are immense issues regarding animal welfare and exploitation. Personally we experienced as non vegans that we distanced ourselves from what we were actually seeing on the shelves in the supermarkets and avoided making the connection between the ground beef for burgers to a slaughtered cow. Once we realised that there are no difference in eating house animals vs farm animals we couldn’t help but never touch a piece of meat or dairy again. Farm animals are just as complex creatures and smart enough to feel joy and pain. Why are they any different from dogs, cats etc.

A little something for thought.

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