3 things you might not know about animal consumption

Updated: Feb 7


1. Dairy Consumption

Drinking cow’s milk is not beneficial nor natural! It’s the equivalent of drinking mother’s milk as an adult but with a dangerously high amount of hormones, saturated fats and cholesterol. Cow’s milk is intended for calves and does not suit the nutritional needs of humans. We have absolutely no reason to drink cow’s milk more than the milk from a mouse!

2. Chicken Consumption

Eating red meat vs chicken wouldn’t make a difference in one’s cholesterol levels which many are convinced and 97% of chicken is contaminated with dangerous bacteria due to horrible living conditions. During the slaughter process they’re hung upside down, have their throats cut by machines and then immersed by scolding hot water to remove feathers while being fully conscious! But “free range” you say… In reality factory farming accounts for 99.9% of chickens raised. Hope this made you second-guess your nuggets.

3. Fish Consumption

If you’re eating fish for the omega-3’s you’re doing your body more harm than good as 30% of fat in fish is saturated which makes your liver produce more cholesterol. Eating fish is also a major source of mercury and arsenic exposure which causes cancer. The seafood industry kills loads of other sea creatures which are known as “bycatch” so by eating fish you’re supporting unnecessary deaths as well as the destruction of our oceans. Overfishing is one of the largest threats for our planet and human survival. No ocean, no us.

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