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3 good reasons to go plant based

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Let’s talk veganism! We’d like to share some facts which contributed to us switching to a plant based lifestyle.



  • Animal products have been proofed in studies to have negative effects on your health + there’s a direct link between animal products and lifestyle diseases

  • 70% of deaths are food born illnesses and a plant based diet can prevent + possibly reverse these

  • Initially all nutrients origins from plants - in fact you’re not getting all the nutrients you need as an omnivore

  • The largest and strongest animals are all herbivores

  • Anatomically humans are herbivores

Animal welfare

  • The reality of how animals are treated + the conditions they’re living under aren’t like how most of us imagine

  • Dairy industries are equally inhumane regarding animal welfare

  • Animals are complex creatures and very much able to feel pain and joy

  • Animals lifespan is cut much shorter than their natural lifespan

  • Humans don’t need animal products to survive or thrive


  • Animal agriculture is one of the biggest polluters

  • Raising animals for food production releases more greenhouse gasses than the entire transportation sector

  • Animal agriculture is the leading source of rainforest destruction, species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution and loss of biodiversity

  • It’s undeniably the leading course of climate change

  • A plant based diet can reduce our footprint 73%


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