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3 easy ways to lower your carbon footprint

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

There are 3 super easy ways to lower your carbon footprint whilst traveling! We all get a little caught up with souvenirs, shopping, trying local foods and flying domestically to make the journey faster and more convenient but it's so damaging to our environment to be careless and without thought regarding our consumer habits.

Of course you should be able to enjoy your vacation and travels but there are ways to lower your footprint whilst enjoying yourself and not missing out on experiences!


Choose slow fashion over fast fashion

The clothing sector is the second biggest industrial polluter and generates 10% of all global emissions. More than 70 million trees are cut down each year to produce cheap fabrics which are primarily used for fast fashion and these fabrics pollutes our water with plastic microfibers, pesticides and toxic colouring dyes.

Choosing to shop sustainable, environmentally friendly clothing, second hand clothing and locally produced clothing will help reduce your footprint significantly! This is actually super easy in most countries and you'll be able to support local stores and markets too.

There's heaps of clothing stores online who plant trees every time you make a purchase, gather plastics from the ocean to reuse as materials for clothing and accessories, who donate to environmental organisations and who use environmentally friendly materials for the clothing and the packaging. Try to look for brands who support the environment by choosing sustainability!

Offset your carbon emissions

You can actually calculate your approximate carbon footprint, offset and neutralise your emissions which is a very good way to reduce your impact! You can also offset and neutralise your emissions every time you take a flight - whether it's internationally or domestically it'll reduce your impact greatly!

There are different ‘carbon offset projects’ where you can read about where your money goes to help. Usually your money goes towards sustainable development worldwide such as reforestation, renewable energy construction and providing safe water in third world countries. This will help communities worldwide and also help the environment significantly!

Eat more plants

Livestock and their byproducts is accountable for 32,000 million tons of CO2 per year which is equal to 51% of all worldwide carbon emissions and it gets worse! By 2050 these emissions are projected to increase to 80%!

Animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of Amazon deforestation which is causing extinction of plants and animal species. This is also affection ecosystems, biodiversity and the production of oxygen as well as the air quality. The Amazon is the lungs of our Earth and if it is destroyed it’ll cause a ripple effect of environmental destruction which would affect every corner of the world.

If our world and its beautiful nature is destroyed alongside animal species going extinct how long do you think it's going to be able to travel and experience these places? We are literally destroying the most precious thing we have; our earth. By choosing to reduce your animal consumption you will reduce your impact greatly! It's the single best thing we can do for the environment.

We know that trying local foods when traveling is a big part of the experience, but the biggest part really is being able to travel in the first place, right? You can still have an amazing food experience with vegetarian or vegan food whilst traveling - we have actually found that the best meals we've ever had whilst traveling was vegan!

There's fresh food markets in all countries and you're not only reducing your footprint by shopping veggies, you're also supporting local food markets!

Personally we love shopping fresh and locally grown produce so we definitely recommend to give it a go and let yourself have the opportunity to try a new and possibly better food experience - from the very first step of purchasing it!

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