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Our Story

Hi there!


We are Jonas & Maria, both originally from Denmark. We met and fell in love more than 4 years ago and that's when our journey began.

A year after we met we made a decision that has changed our lives forever; and we haven't looked back since.

We quit our jobs to travel across the globe, live and work abroad and to experience the people, the culture and the diverse landscapes of this beautiful world.

For 16 months we traveled together and in that time we learned that our love for each other, our passion for travel and photography, meant more than what life at home could ever offer.


Traveling has been one of our life's greatest gifts. It has taught us the most valuable lessons about life, health, happiness and how it's all connected, it has given us the most precious memories and like-minded friends, and our lust for life has never been this intense.

Now we've set out on a journey to create the life of our dreams; a life that will allow us to spend every day together, doing what we love, work from anywhere in the world and hopefully inspire as many of you to ask yourselves: what is happiness for me? And hopefully we'll be able to have a positive impact on you and the world someday. We strive for happiness in every way possible and here we are.


One step closer to forever...

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Plant Based, Not Perfect

"People eat meat thinking they will become strong as an ox,
but forgetting that the ox eats plants"

We eat plant based, we care about the environment, the animals and our own health, but we are not perfect.

By adopting a plant based lifestyle and expressing how much we care for the environment, for ending animal cruelty and for improving our physical and mental health, we've met a lot of prejudices and judgement from friends, families and even strangers.
We haven't always been eating a plant based diet, but since making the decision to learn about and commit to a plant based diet, we know that we're never going back.
We aren't fanatics, but this conversation is surely something that lights a fire in us. 
We are very passionate about this, but honestly, we only intend to share our plant based journey and the reason why we have chosen to adopt this lifestyle as well as provide you with the truth of what we learn and uncover about how our food choices affect our health, animal welfare and the environment.
As mentioned we are not perfect. There's always room for improvements, but we have to start somewhere right?
The most important thing is that we're now more aware and conscious of our decisions which is a great first step in the right direction towards a healthy and happy, cruelty free and sustainable way of living.

Plant Based Recipes

We have grown very fond of cooking since going vegan and have experimented a lot with different recipes as well as perfected and created our own.

We hope to inspire you to implement more plant-based meals into your daily life and we hope you'll find it easier and more motivating to cook with our recipes.

Happy cooking!


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We'd love to hear from you and connect with you!

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